Faction/Application rules + requirements

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Faction/Application rules + requirements

Post by Guest on Fri Feb 22, 2013 6:50 pm

Read these rules, BEFORE you apply, otherwise it might cause a denial result towards your faction application.

1.} You need at least one active member before making the faction application thread. You need at least two or more members before gaining the official spot.

2.} You need to be active at least one hour per day(s) as unofficial, and more as official.

3.} You need to organize your faction thread good, with a faction introduction, faction rules, faction roster, faction diplomacy.

4.} You need to be familiar to the management and community.

5.} The faction introduction/story has to contain at least three hundred and fifty words(350 words).

6.} Your faction application thread must be organized neatly and updated daily with announcements and news.

7.} Your faction has to include fourteen(14) rules (7 OOC rules & 7 IC rules).

8.} It isn't necessary to have banners for your faction thread, but it'd look better.

9.} As either unofficial or official faction leader, never mass recruit weather you're low on members or not. With Mass Recruit I do mean, ''Accepting people on sight''. Test the members in at least three or more days before accepting them as official member(s). This does include as being official.

10.} Decisions made by the Head of Factions staff and/or the Management, has to be accepted and obeyed.

11.} Accepting those rules may only be known with the following sign: **Accepting LSWL Faction Rules (c)DeathByEye@Anarchy.**

12.} You need at least two screen shots uploaded on your faction thread and at least five(5) positive votes before gaining a official spot stand.


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Re: Faction/Application rules + requirements

Post by Guest on Fri Feb 22, 2013 10:33 pm

An update appeared !

Added an new rule (Rule twelve(12). Make sure to read !


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