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How to make a faction Empty How to make a faction

Post by Guest on Fri Feb 22, 2013 7:44 pm

If you want your own unofficial faction, please make a thread here with your own effort, make sure it requires the experience it needs. A three hundred and fifty words long introduction about the faction. Have a proper diplomacy with the common official+unofficial factions. Have a rule system which includes fourteen rules.(Seven OoC & Seven IC). Your faction has to include two active members ready to be official before even making the thread. After gathering good enough members, you can make the thread. Make sure you have it neat and clean from mistakes and misunderstandings. Make sure the grammatical side of it is understandable.

Copying another effort is completely ban-able punishment, so avoid stealing. Of course, you're allowed to use another persons effort with his agreement and permissions. Make sure to put his/hers credits if you borrowed it. But remember, it gets easily accepted with your own effort.

Being a leader isn't as easy as you think it is. During my time in SA-MP role play servers, I've been a leader of a couple of factions, on completely different servers and communities. You need to be as active as you only can, if you get more than five negative comments, I believe its over, but keep in mind, giving up easy is not a good advantage. So stay steady even if you gather more than three negative comments. If you make up after your mistakes it makes yourself even MORE experienced. So basically, the more negativity brings more experience. But now we want to be positive as well ! so don't forget that. The thing you have to do is to be active, organize and arrange such, create and found own effort and knowledge's.

Unacceptable factions:
Law enforcement relatives.
Hit-man agencies.
Terrorism agencies.
Nazism agencies.

Acceptable factions:
Outlaw M.C Clubs.
Mafias (Swedish Mafias, Russian Mafias, Irish Mafias, Italian Mafias etc,etc.)
Mobs (Swedish Mobs, Russian Mobs, Irish Mobs, Italian Mobs etc,etc.)
Afro-American Street gangs.(African-American).
Latin-American Street gangs.(Hispanic).
Mixed race street gangs. (Mixed between; Caucasian, Asian, Hispanic, African etc,etc.)

Legal factions is also allowed to create and find, for example a racing club, brawling club, or just a business you want to run ?


Great role play advantage.
Great effort experience.
Lots of activity.
Obeying the common terms.

Your faction should require:

A story based on 350 words, your own effort.
Role play as much as possible.
Activity shall be seen.
Have at least two or more members before creating the thread.
Update the topic thread daily with common announcements.


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