[ADVANCED GUIDE] Creating role play and finding terms.

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[ADVANCED GUIDE] Creating role play and finding terms.

Post by Guest on Mon Feb 18, 2013 12:52 pm

I: Introduction.

Hello there fellow mates of the community L.S.W.L RPG, my name's known on as DeathByEye on the most common role play servers, this will be a basic role playing guide for you who have hard for role play. Or you who is completely new toward the term role play. This guide/tutorial will introduce you common terms, it will explain what is role play and so on, for example it will describe ''Meta Game'', ''Revenge Kill''. And lots of different shit, feel free continue reading if you have hard for the RP!

II: What is Roleplay?

What is roleplay? Well, the dictionary term for “Roleplay” would stand for “to experiment with or experience (a situation or viewpoint) by playing a role.” Pretty much what that means is that “Roleplay” means “taking the role of any human being.” There are a lot of things you can roleplay as, such as a person who drives trucks for a living, a person who is a police officer, a person who deals drugs or weapons, the list that you could roleplay as is endless. There are limits to who you can roleplay as also. For an example, you can’t roleplay as Superman and fly around with superpowers to fight crime or become Spiderman and climb buildings with nothing but your body and shoot out webs from your wrist to swing from building to building. However, you could think that Batman could be roleplayed as because he actually doesn’t have any superpowers, but he has technology that most people wouldn’t have the money to afford. Again, the question “what is roleplay” is answered with “taking the role of any human being” and isn’t more complicated than that.

III: Common Roleplay Terms

There are plenty of roleplay terms to learn while you play on any roleplay server, but it’s best to learn them before you even step foot in any strict roleplay server. In my mind, there are seven roleplay terms that I think are the most common. Here is the list of terms and their meanings.

In Character (IC) - This term means that anything that happens in the server during roleplay. A better way to describe this term is that anything that’s related to your in-game character is In Character.

Out of Character (OOC) – This term means that anything that happens in real life. A better way to explain this term is that anything that relates to yourself in real life is Out of Character. Another important thing to remember with OOC is that any chat that has the “(( ))” around them, means that chat is OOC and has nothing to do with the roleplay situation you’re in.

Metagame (MG) – This term is the most common term in any roleplay server in SA-MP. This term means that any information that you achieve Out of Character, you use In Character. A common example of this is when you approach a player, they will have a nametag above their head. Let’s say that you walk up to a man named “Bob Walsh”. The most common way to Metagame is going up to him and saying, “Hello Bob.” This is not the right thing to do. The reason why is because that you can’t use Out Of Character information In Character. There are some cases where you can use Out Of Character information In Character, but this is one of the examples where you can’t use it. The way to approach Bob Walsh is walking up to him and asking, “Hi, what is your name?” even if you see his nametag above his head.

Powergame (PG) – This term means that you force a roleplay action upon a player or you do unrealistic actions. If you haven’t played a roleplay server yet and you’re reading this guide, there are two very common commands that you will use on this server and on any other roleplay server. They are “/me” and “/do.” The command “/me” simply describes an action that you do. An example of this would be “/me walks up to the man.” If you typed that and hit enter, it would come up in the chat as “Thomas Walker walks up to the man.” The command “/do” is somewhat the same thing as “/me”, but it doesn’t include your name at the beginning of the sentence, but at the end. An example of that is, “/do Airbags are deployed.” In the chat, it would come up as, “Airbags are deployed. ((Thomas Walker))”

Deathmatch (DM) – This term means that you kill players with no roleplay reason. This is one of the first rules that appear in any roleplay server’s rule list. An example of that is where you go up to any random person and punch them to death or shoot them to death if you have a gun for no reason whatsoever. In order to kill someone without it being counted as deathmatching is having a reason for killing them before you actually kill them. Some good reasons would be that the man talked trash about you and your family, a person beat up your friends and you want to avenge them by killing the person, and reasons that are like that.

Revenge Kill (RK) – This term means that you kill someone shortly after they killed you. An example where you go to the spot where you were killed after getting out of the hospital, find the person who killed you, and kill him. This isn’t allowed because in real life, you wouldn’t be able to do that as you are in the hospital much longer than you are on any roleplay server and by the time you’re out of the hospital and you head back to the place you were killed at, they would be gone.

Character Kill (CK) – This is the last most common term that I could think of. This term means that you kill a character off. This meaning sometimes confuses people as it’s not an easy to understand meaning. A better way to explain that is that if you character killed someone with the name of “John Smith”, they would have to change their character’s name out of characterly. Once you kill him, he would not be allowed to use that name ever again and you wouldn’t see that name on the server ever again. On San Fierro Roleplay currently, you are not allowed to character kill anyone on the server. In order to proceed with a character kill, you should have an admin spec the kill, it should be well roleplayed, and have a screenshot of the player accepting to a character kill.

IV: Common Commands & Chats

On every roleplay server, there are the same group of chats and commands that they have. Here is a list of the commands that come with every server.


“/me” – This command allows you to describe an action with your character. An example of this is “/me runs away.” As in the chatlog, it would say, “John Smith runs away.”

“/do” – This command allows you to corresponds to your or someone’s “/me” command. An example of this would be “/do I would fall to the ground.” corresponding to a “/me” command that would be, “/me punches the man in the face.”


IC chat – This is the chat that you talk in characterly with. This doesn’t require any command to type with. An example of this would be talking to a guy while you are roleplaying with him. You could say, “Hi, how are you?” or “What is your name?”

OOC chat - This is a chat that splits off into two types of chat. Global OOC chat and Local OOC chat. Global OOC chat is used by typing “/ooc” before talking. This chat will be seen by everyone who’s playing on the server. This chat is mostly turned off and you can’t use it unless you’re an admin. Local OOC Chat is used by typing “/b” before you talk. This chat will be seen by anyone who is in a close distance with you. This isn’t turned off and you can use it whenever, just use it appropriately, not to stall a robbery when you’re getting robbed by someone.

Personal Message (PM) chat – This chat is used by typing /pm [playerid] (the number that comes after a player’s name) before you talk. This allows you to speak privately with another player without anyone seeing what you said. This doesn’t allow you to insult another player behind his back to the friend you’re PMing as that’s OOC insults, which isn’t allowed on most roleplay servers.

V: Epilogue

This is the end of the roleplay guide. I hope this helped anyone who needs to learn how to roleplay. And I hope you will get experienced and experience more and more. Thank you for reading.

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Re: [ADVANCED GUIDE] Creating role play and finding terms.

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pretty nice and helpful for new players

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Re: [ADVANCED GUIDE] Creating role play and finding terms.

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Yah, thanks.


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Re: [ADVANCED GUIDE] Creating role play and finding terms.

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