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Winston ''Keavy'' McKeavy.
(Patches: The Lost MC (eagle logo) | President | 1percenter | Ace of Spades

None ''N/A'' None.

Malcolm ''Mall'' McFritts.
(Patches: The Lost MC (eagle log) | Treasurer | 1percenter | Ace of Spades)

None ''N/A'' None.

None ''N/A'' None.

Johny ''Spidey'' Feenix
(Patches: The Lost MC (eagle logo) | Ace of Spades | Patched)

Terry ''V'' Heights.


President (Pres) - The highest rank within the club. The president is the leader of the chapter. He is the clubs figurehead and is usually the spokesman when dealing with the police or the media. The president is the chairman at club meetings and represents the chapter at national meetings. He has the most control on the club, often taking decisions on his own.

Vice President (V.P) - This is the second rank in charge. When the president is unavailable, the vice president takes full control of the club and leads it until his return. He is close to the president and helps him in efficently controling the club. He mostly handles the inside part of the club, taking a big part in meetings.

Treasurer (Tres) - The treasurer is the man responsible for the finances in the club. He has to make sure the club is running regurarly, collecting fees, run funds and debts, keeping the records, signing contracts and organizing the money. He has to always keep his eyes open on the business side and get the club new business oportunities. He personally handles the information on members in the club, keeping it down.

Sergeant At Arms (Sgt. At Arms) - The sergeant at arms is the main enforcer for the club. His duty is to make sure everything is going well on the lower levels between the members and has to solve any small problems, often leading the members into tasks on his own. He enforces club procedures and maintains order at club meetings. The sergeant is in charge of security at gang events and he is responsible for attacks on rivals. The people taking this position are trusted members who have served a longer time than the patchmembers in the club and know its insides well.

Road Captain (Road Cpt.) - The road captain is an enforcer for the club. His duty is to make sure everything is going well on the lower levels between the members. He helps to enforce club procedures and maintains order at club meetings. The road captain is responsible for rides, selecting routes, motorcycles and taking care of transporting important club load. The people taking this position are trusted members who have served a longer time than the patchmembers in the club and know its insides well.

Lost (Patched member) - Also known as patchmembers. Those are members of the club who have earned the right to wear the gangs colours, after a suitable period spent prospecting. They take part in the running of the club and attend the gangs weekly meeting. They are commonly referred to as members or patches.

Prospect (Prospect) - A prospect is a prospective member of the club who is yet to earn his patch. Prospects are expected to do what they are told and follow the orders of patchmembers. They must be prepared to engage in different activities to prove their loyalty to the gang. Prospects have no voting rights and do not attend meetings unless invited in.

The Lost Motorcycle Club, a ruthless brotherhood of outlaws. Organized in the early 1970's in Liberty City by Billy Grey and his fellow ''soldiers''. In a success 1976 within his club they raised and gathered members quickly, but as well rival foes, trying to capture their territories, but brutal fights. Another Motorcycle organized then, Angels of Death MC and therefor was the sworn enemy against the Lost Brotherhood. In years they've fought against each other for power and loyalty. Bloody war continues and continues. In the late 90's a crew of TLMC (The Lost MC) began to capture a small neighborhood in the Los Santos district, Los Flores, an part of the East Side.

The Lost brotherhood rides bolt's (Wayfarer's) And Harley Davidson's (Freeway's) Motorcycles, on special tasks, as delivering and escorting they're using Vans (Burritos). Their motorcycle club is using patched vests and leather jackets to identify each other in a much, easier way. Only official members has access to those patches, and people who caught using them without permission may risk their lives. Their patch is stuck on the back of the patch, and the promoted members may find patches on their shoulders. Their main patch is in the center of the back, first their name ''The Lost'' then the logo ''MC'' and last the banner, a brown eagle with spread wings.


1Percent'er - Symbolizes that the person is a one-percenter, a term for an outlaw motorcycle club gang member.

8-Ball - 8-Ball symbolizes that the member has sold hard drugs such as cocaine, thus the term "an eight ball of coke". Also means the member lives on the edge and takes risks in his life

13 - The 13 stands for the letter M, which means Marijuana. The patch shows that the biker is a marijuana drug dealer or a drug user. The 13 also means 12 jurors and the judge. This means the bikers are their own judge and jury. No one can judge them.

Ace of Spades - The Ace of Spades stands for the "Bringer of Death". This means the biker has killed for the club.

Nickname - The patch that members wear, which has their nickname their are known as within the club.

Rank Patch - Represents the rank that the biker takes within the club. Each member has such a patch with his position written on it. The ranks include Prospect, Slayerman, Sergeant at Arms, Road Captain, Treasurer, Vice President and President

Year Patches - Shows the years that the member has been a part of the club, with the first one being his joining year. Or it can show important events that have happened and the member has been part of.

The Three Piece - Those are the patches located on the back of the member's vest. The top rocker contains the name of the club - Iron Horsemen. The bottom rocker has the club's location - New Jersey. Between them there is the Iron Horse, the club's famous logo. These patches are property of the club and not the member and are valued highly as some members might be punished for loosing their vest.


DILLIGAF - Acronym for "Do It Look Like I Give A Fuck", popular amongst bikers, as it stands for, he often don't care as long as it isn't very important.

GFLD - Acronym for ''God Forgives, Lost Don't'', stands for - If you are getting offensive against us, beware for revenge.

ITCB/ITCOB - Acronym for "I Took Care Of Business", meaning that the member has done something important in the name of the club.

LFFL - Acronym for ''Lost Forever, Forever Lost'', people often have it to prove their loyalty and their time in the club.


You should be regular and familiar to our and the community rules and management.
You should be available to write a decent grammar of English language.
You should be able to explain MetaGame, RevengeKill, SpawnKill, DeathMatch, Play2Win, Bunnyhop, Crackshoot & quickswap.
You should be able to have the knowledge about, what's a proper Motorcycle Outlaw Faction.
You should be able to have experience within the role play.

You should be able to know that a Character kill will be turned AGAINST you, if you leaving the faction.
You should be able to know that you will be heavy punishment if you getting caught rule breaking.



Out of Character.

1} Never insult somebody offensive through a Ooc chat channel.
2} Have respect toward the community.
3} Never abuse a bug, or a hackers s0beit modification.
4} Never act like the leader of of the faction, weather what situation.
5} Try keep the OOC to the minimum.
6} Always have screen shots ready after a decent Role playing scene
In Character.

Never question orders !

Prove your loyalty through hard working !

Have huge respect to our high ranks !

Prospects only speak when they're told to !

Prospects vote isn't counted in the voting table, therefor, prospects shouldn't be seen at the table !

Prospects should only be wearing a handgun !

Represent the club at all times !

Think twice before joining our area, this will be yours forever, FOREVER !

Never rat, meaning, don't talk about or businesses to others !


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