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Post by TheSolution on Wed Feb 06, 2013 4:44 pm

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The Role-play year of the server is 1995.

The storyline may be different from the normal SP storyline. Meaning that all the things that happend in SP, maybe haven't occured here.

The main characters are all alive(Sweet, CJ, Ryder, Big Smoke, Tenpenny, Mad Dogg, OG Loc, etc).

We don't have to follow everything exactly from SP. GSF can be dealing drugs, if the leader of the faction wants it like that. Or that Special Characters don't have to be high rank, they can be low ranked. It depends on the leader.

The Families have a total 3 different sets: Seville Boulevard Families that are located at Playa Del Seville & Willowfield. Temple Drive Families that are located at Temple. And Grove Street Families that are located at Ganton. The primary enemies of the Families sets' are all the Ballas sets'. Families' members wear lightgreen/darkgreen/green colors to represent theirselves.

The Ballas have a total of 3 sets: Front Yard Ballas that are located at Idlewood. Kilo Tray Ballas that are located at Glen Park. And Rollin' Heightz Ballas' that are located at Jefferson. The primary enemie of the Ballas sets are Grove Street Families. Ballas members wear purple colors to represent theirselves.

The Mexicans' have a total of 2 sets: Varrios Los Aztecas that are located at El Corona/Unity Station. They wear cyan colors to represent theirselves.
And there's Los Santos Vagos that are located at Los Flores, East Los Santos and East Beach. They wear yellow colors to represent theirselves.
The Italian Mafia is an illegal organisation which consists of Italians. They're located at Verbant Bluffs and are known by dressing up nicely and for their power.

The Sons of Silence Motorcycle is an outlaw motorcycle gang. They're located at Jefferson and are known for their ''wildness''; most of their members end up between bars due their usage of drugs, killing people, and many more things.

Factions are allowed to have a maximum of 2 Allies. This is to prevent DM, and this will also ballance the attacks in the server. Remember that you need to ask a lead administrator(level 4 or higher) if you can be allies with a gang, and it can only be done with the approval of a lead administrator.

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