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Post by TheSolution on Fri Feb 01, 2013 5:59 pm

Server Rules

• Always role-play at any given time. This isn't a role-play server for a reason. If you wanna DM or Troll go to another server.
• Don't power-game. This is when you force someone to RP with you or do something unrealistic.
• Don't meta-game. This is when you mix OOC information with IC information and also the other way around.
• Don't death-match. This is when you kill another player/administrator without a proper reason & without /me's and /do's.
• Don't revenge-kill. This is when someone kills you, you immediatly go back to him and kill him because he killed you.
• Don't car-kill. This is when you drive over someone and kill him/her this way. You can kill someone with a car tho, but only if you have a proper reason & do it using /me's and /do's.
• Don't bunny-hop. This is when you jump all over the place. Bunny-hop is considered as a form of PG.
• Don't pull out a gun from ''your ass''. You can't take out big sized weaponary (shotguns, assault rifles, sniper rifle, country rifle, etc) without using /me's. You can take out small sized weaponary tho without a /me or what-so-ever. When a person is aiming a weapon at you and you want to withdraw yours, you must take it out using a /me, even if it's a small one. Because IRL he would see your movement, but when you have a small weapon and you take it without /me's he wouldn't ''notice/see'' it.
• Never multi-account(MA). You can't use a second account on this server, you can only use one.
• Don't bug-abuse. You cannot use any bugs in the server for your own advantage to gain more money, weapons, etc.
• Do not use any third-party modifications. You cannot use modifications such as hacking programs to get more money & CLEO mods for your own advantage.
• Always respect the players and especially the administration team. You can't insult them on forums, in-game or on any other server related loaction.
• You can't commit crimes outside, inside or near the LSPD. This is unrealistic because IRL their would be atleast five police officers standing outside, guarding or patrolling around the area.
• You can't rape or sexually harras someone without his/her permission.
• The scam/robbery limit is 3000$. You can't force someone to give more then 3000$.
• Burning and exploding faction HQs is allowed to be role played only with an administrator's(level 3 or higher) permission.
• If you leave a gang or get CK'ed you cannot transfer your items such as money, guns and donated stuff. However, when you are accepted into a gang and your new name is [TAG]Example you can transfer your items to that [TAG]Example account since it's the same character, but you can't transfer the items from [TAG]Example to 'Example'.
• The LSPD can character-kill you when deemed neccessary, but only if you have commited a large ammount of crimes. This decision first needs to be approved by a lead administrator or higher level administrator first..
• You can't steal any weaponary from police officers or the headquarters. This is to refrain from people having a large ammount of bullets.

Forum Rules

• Don't spam or write unnecessary posts on the forum.
• Don't provoke, insult or disrespect players/administrators on the forum.
• Try to think before you create a topic where to create it. If you're not sure of the location where to create, ask an administrator in-game or on the forums.
• The MA rule goes for the same on the forums. You can only use one forum acc.
• Don't double or triple post. Use the 'edit' button at the upper right hand corner.
• Don't post any kind of pornography or half-naked women..

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