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A.T.F Release. Empty A.T.F Release.

Post by Guest on Sat Feb 16, 2013 2:30 pm

A.T.F Release. ATF.REL_EASE_

Forename: Winston.
Surname: McKeavy.
Date of Birth: 24/05/1961.
Place of Birth: Liberty City State.

Affiliation: The Lost Motorcycle Club.
Affiliation Roster: Former Club President.
Affiliation Patches: 1'percenter | Ace of Spades | President | T-L-M-C.

Vehicles begin used: Black colored Harley Davidson(Freeway).
Vehicles usual begin used: Black colored Harley Davidson(Freeway).

Current Location: North-East Los Santos.

I.L Activities:;

Scamming, scamming, Money scamming.
Homicide, commit murder.
Heavy armed assault on/against L.E.O.(Law Enforcement Officer(s).
Money laundering.

Arresting reason:;

Illegal weaponry businesses caught on undercover mission by A.T.F officers.
Heavy armed robbery,
heavy armed assault on L.E.O.


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