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New Crime Family came to the city, named Forelli Crime Family.A family with big businesses back in Liberty City and Vice City.Drug Dealing, Firearms dealing, big robberies are the main association of this Crime Family, All ruled by Santino "Sonny" Forelli.

1990 - 1991
Underboss moved to Las Venturas for some businesses, same with their Capo,moved to Vice City.Sonny Forelli waits for the good results.
After One Month, he took what he wanted too.Successful Dealing with Guns and Drugs.

1992 -1993
New Picciotio. Tommy Vercetti, one person with a lot of experience in Crime Families. Went to Vice City to Perform a Drug Dealing with a gang.The dealing was unsuccessful. Sonny took fake information about the failure of the Dealing.More Specifically, he got informed that Ray was the Reason of the failure.Then he decided to Kill him.

Sonny Drove with Alberto and Ray in the Grave Yard and then Sonny told Alberto to Kill Ray.But the death found Sonny.Alberto Shot him on his head and then Ray and Alberto leaded the whole Family.From their Nationality, they renamed the Family to Italian Mafia, and then they decided to Kill Vercetti, successful action.They left some Capos back in Vice City and Liberty City to control the business there.

Alberto and Ray returned back from Vice City, they made Members House the Abandoned Museun in Verbant Bluffs,robbed the most expensive cars in San Andreas.Now they are trying to make control businesses in Los Santos
In Character Rules
1. Always follow the orders of the higher rank members
2. Never tell to Non-Members the Mafia job
3. Never Snitch, do it and you will be 6 feet underground
4. Do not beef with other members without Don's/Underboss's permission
5. Members, every 2 weeks, they must pay tribute to Underboss/ Don
6. Never give information to Cops

Out Of Character Rules
1. Always RolePlay, do not use /b too much.
2. Follow the server rules, forum rules aswell.
3. Do not walk around with your gun in your hand
4. Show Cop Fear
5. Do not shoot civilians, unless you are 100% he's the enemy
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