Alt. Account Rules

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Alt. Account Rules

Post by TheSolution on Sat Feb 09, 2013 11:54 am

Alright, since the suggestion of Alt. Accounts was accepted, there need to be rules implied so people know what it exactly consists of, and what your able to do on your alt account.

Make sure you read the following rules carefully and understand them before you make an alt account.

1. Players AND Administrators are only allowed to have 2 accounts. One is the main and the other is the alt, more then 2 accounts will end up in a ban.
Remember that it's not necessary to make and use an alt account. If you feel like you want to have only 1 account, feel free to do so, we're not forcing you anything.

2. You can become an administrator and/or faction leader on your main acc. ONLY. This means you cannot become an administrator and/or faction leader on your alt acc. This is to prevent people applying and leading two factions. Also, you can decide what factions you may join. You can be a cop and a gang member, or a mexican and a gang member. It's even possible to have two accouns in one faction.

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