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Post by Jason_Dealley on Fri Mar 01, 2013 11:56 am

ATF Appilication I6Z3Z5V


Appliant's Name:
Jason Dealley
Why do you want to join: To clean up this city and create a safe home for everyone.
Why would we accept you: Because i have experience and have the will to do the job.
Jason is a passionate guy,
He served in vietnam and pakistan in a tank division.
He has no wife or kids, his parents and the rest of his family are still back in LA.
Jason has a strong will to keep people safe as he saw many die in the wars.
He loves music he especially loves older songs.

Will you be active: Yes i will be.
Timezone: UTC+1
Name: Levy
Age: 17

__--||Faction Information||--__
Ranks List: (From highest to Lowest)
1. Chief
2. Deputy Chief
3. Commander
4. Special Agent
5. Agent
6. Detective
7. Cadet

What the ATF is:
We are a very specialized federal law enforcement branch and we work crimes related to laws governing alcohol, tobacco and firearms. Using special tactics to neutrialize threats. The ATF will make News Reports to the citizens every week. We will Investigates violations of federal and state laws dealing with firearms, arson, explosives and the diversion of taxes on alcohol and tobacco.
We value our people and those we serve.
We value professionalism, integrity, diversity, commitment, innovation, and excellence.
We value partnerships that promote the safety of our communities.

Thank you for your time.

Jason Dealley


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