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Post by Guest on Sun Feb 24, 2013 3:46 pm

Out of Character

1. - Obey forum rules, and in game rules.

2. - Obey faction rules and terms.

3. - Never commit Revenge Kill, Spawn Kill, Meta Game, Power Game or Death Match.

4. - Respect any decisions made by either Faction Leader(s) or Administrators.

5. - Never insult or commit any kind of harassment against another player.

6. - Never accuse a player without proper evidence of the action.

7. - Report a player instead of only accusing him / her.

8. - As unofficial member, only use weaponry as: Cane, Baseball bat, knife, spray can, golf club, dildo and colt-45.

9. - Never invite another player as official member if you aren't a Co-Leader or Leader.


In Character

Neva' snitch, or you will be claimed as some little bitch, nam'sayin ?

Represent yo color and hood, everyday, F-K. Aite' ?

O.G's decisions is made, you accept dem, playa !

Respect higher ranks than your, playa !

Know our diplomacy !

Know our territories !

Never mess an truce or alliance up, you'll end up dead, just like snitches.

Never figure up a alliance with our rivals, you'll end up beaten, claimed as a snitch as well, fool.

Obey this shit, fool !


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