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Post by Guest on Sun Feb 24, 2013 1:30 pm

Ay, player, I heard you're down for the set and claim yourself tough and hard. Well man', if you want it easier, you came to the right place, I'll be giving out a few tasks to each guy who wants to improve themselves. It ain't too hard.
If you want to improve your muscle skills and toughness experience, then I'd suggest you to head to the fighting ring, there you will fight with others, either friends or foes. If it is a friend, feel free leave him alive, but a rival should never get mercy, kill what you're told to kill, nigga !

Wanna improve your loyalty ? Well then do anything we tell you to. Weather it is to deal drugs or take it, either it is dealing weaponry or kill with it. You do what you're told to do !

Wanna improve your respect ? nigg', then go with another thug or O.G with ya, tag up a rival territory. Or brawl with rivals, or just have a hood party.


Toughness: stands for how much tough you're in the gang, the more points of this is the better, when you reach +50 of these and +50 of the others you will be promoted.

Muscles: stands for how hard you're in the gang, how long you been fighting with rivals and how worthy you're a promotion. Get +35 of these and the rest, you will be promoted.

Loyalty: stands for how long time you've been in the gang, how much you actually have done in the hood. The more the better, reach 40 of these and the rest, you will be promoted.

Respect: stands for how many rivals you've been killed, or how much you've been putting in work. Gather up +20 of these and the rest, expect to be promoted soon.

Each mission and task you do will give you +5 or +10 as a bonus on how good you've done it. To prove that you've actually done this mission, post screen shots of the mission, upload them and post them in our Media, make sure to title with an subject ''Mission (mission name)''. You will be rewarded with in game cash as well.
_______________________Read below for the missions_________________


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West Side Ballas - Tasks/Missions Empty Re: West Side Ballas - Tasks/Missions

Post by Guest on Sun Feb 24, 2013 1:44 pm

Alright, I just got a call from a homie, he said everything is ready. Now I don't got time with this, so you better do it.

There's couple of crates there, loaded with brand new cocaine, straight from South Africa. I want this delivered to the hood as soon as possible, but watch out. The crates are heavily guarded by Colombian Cartel gangsters. I think they use M16-A4 guns. So watch out. Wouldn't bother me if they were chasing you guys with Burritos and Premiers as well (A van and a four door vehicle).

Oh by the way, when you well are there, make sure to kill ''Tido Alvarez'' A lieutenant of their Cartel.
Here's his appearance:
West Side Ballas - Tasks/Missions Asfasf
And here's the location of the Docks.
West Side Ballas - Tasks/Missions Asklnmsaa
Do this for me and I will brought to you, Three hundred and fifty San Andreas Dollars.

OOC Rewards:
$350, +5 toughness, +5respect, +5loyalty.


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