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Orange Grove Families - [OGF] - Rules Empty Orange Grove Families - [OGF] - Rules

Post by Lil Kash on Fri Feb 22, 2013 9:59 pm

In Character rules:
  • Never disrespect a high rank.

  • Never go to ballas hood alone, only with someone.

  • Do not ever chill with enemies if you do, you are punished.

  • Do not snitch, if you do your dead, *Character Killed*.

Out of Character rules:
  • Do not ever insult in /b ect, or you will be punished.

  • Do not ever insult the faction or members in /b, or you will be punished

  • Do not ever hack, break rules, ban edave, and MA, or you will be kicked from the gang

  • Do not ever insult admins or cause problems on forums, or you will be punished.
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