Used & Unused factions (Official & Unofficial)

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Used & Unused factions (Official & Unofficial) Empty Used & Unused factions (Official & Unofficial)

Post by Guest on Fri Feb 22, 2013 7:10 pm

Here you can simple read which factions is available to apply for a lead or which is already busy with another leader. Please accept that if a faction is already in lead, don't bother apply for it.

Law Enforcement Factions:

[LSPD] - Los Santos Police Department.
[LSPD]Scotty (TheSolution).

[CRASH] - Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums.

L.S.P.D Decides leader.

[ATF] - Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.
Will be opened When raised player-base.

Organizations & Syndicates:

[IM] - Italian Mafia.
Available to apply.

[TLMC] - The Lost Motorcycle Club.

[TLMC]Mathiazz - (Mathiazz).

[SC] - Santos Cartel.
[SC]Enrico - (Loco).


Afro-American Street Gangs & Mixed Race Gangs:

[OGF] - Orange Grove Families.

[OGF]Marley - (Marley).

[WSB] - West Side Ballas.

[WSB]Anarchy - (DeathByEye).

[TST] - Temple Street Thunders.
Available to Apply.


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