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Post by TheSolution on Thu Feb 21, 2013 5:59 pm

If you're confused when you do not see the application format topic, it's because I've deleted it.
I want people to put more effort in their applications and see that they can do it without a format.
Not saying nothing should be added to the topic.
I'll give some tips of some things to add on your topic:

1. The story - Must be long, atleast 350 words. believe me when I say that we judge hard on the effort put in your story.
2. The ranks - Must be organised neatly and updated daily, we also except that the rank list is in the correct order. Using photoshop will be even better.
3. The diplomacy - Must be neatly organised and colored by the faction's specific colour. Also must be updated daily.
4. The rules - Must contain atleast 14 rules(7 IC rules and 7 OOC, or w/e). making more rules would be better, and please do make them yourself. it's not that hard.
5. The overall of the topic - With the overall I mean the table, the photoshop used, the neatness, etc. believe me when i say that this also counts alot.

Expect that people will vote -1 when your topic isn't organised and something's are missing. Also expect that people will definitly vote +1 if/when your topic looks neatly organised and ofcourse everything added with it.
Another tip: do not quit so easy, even if 3/4 people are negative on you. And ff you quit and apply later again for another faction or same faction, more people will even vote -1 because you'd maybe quit so easily before, and most people wont trust you when they saw how easily you quit.

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