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[TLMC] - The Lost Motorcycle Club.

[SC] - Santos Cartel.

[IM] - Italian Mafia.

[LSV] - Los Santos Vagos.

[SSB] - South Side Ballas


[TST] - Temple Street Thunders.

[VLA] - Varrio Los Aztecas.

[OGF] - Orange Grove Families.

[ESF] - East Side Families.

Diplomacy Introduction:

Orange Grove Families: The O.G.F was created almost as the same time as The ballas gang activity, somehow, the both gangs met each other, and began a total war, it was complete of a bloody chaos. They continued their gang wars. After long time war, the ballas decide to make a drive-by, standing of ''shooting from passenger seat in a vehicle''. Their hit was Sean 'Sweet' Johnson, the O.G.F's Leader. But the assaulted wrong apartment and therefor killed, Sean's mother. The O.G.F is now seeking for a big time revenge. And therefor, the O.G.F is now sworn enemy with the Ballas.

Varrio Los Aztecas: The V.L.A is a Hispanic street gang activity, a anti-narcotic gang, sworn enemy with the Vagos gang. But also, a very rival with the Ballas, they long time ago refused to buy drugs from the Ballas gang, it ended up that the VLA Began to shoot against the Ballas, and it ended up with a war, as the VLA is a anti-narcotic gang, which means, they barely touch drugs.

Temple Street Thunders: The T.S.T is the only gang who accepts the most common origins and races, yet, they're not too friendly with the ballas gang, and therefor it ended up with a war. They still have a chance to commit a truce.

Los Santos Vagos: The Los Santos Vagos is the closest gang in the territory zones with the ballas, another huge Hispanic gang, they don't have war, in fact, they have a very good common communication with each other, and there for has a good truce, it has a big chance of getting an alliance between them two. So we don't, by any way attacking them.

Santos Cartel: The Santos Cartel is the most notorious organization who is dealing weaponry all around the city of L.S, they gather costumers and getting rich. We don't have war or alliance, but some sort of truce, we don't help each other but they support us with weaponry, don't accuse them or cause a unnecessary war.

The Italian Mafia Organization: The most dangerous faction in the city of L.S. We don't touch them, they don't touch us.

The Lost Motorcycle Club: Another dangerous organization faction in the city of L.S, we don't touche them, they don't touch us.

South Side Ballas: The South Side Ballas is a set of the West Side Ballas, they're yet neutral with each other. They also wear purple colors and is seen on the South side on the map.

East Side Families: The East Side Families is another set of the Orange Grove Families gang, and is therefor another sworn enemy of the ballas. They're set as rivals and will always be in generations. Focus on the families !


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