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West Side Ballaz Nation Dogs

King Pin'.

Shot Caller'.

Original Gangster'.



Roster Introduction:

King Pin: The leader of the territory, who gains and gathers as much fear and respect. Hes the one who should be available to control the gang in a right direction. If anyone decides to disrespect or disappoint The King Pin in anyway, he will be punished might even by his life.

Shot Caller: The Shot caller is the right hand, known as the Lieutenant of the gang activity ''W.S.B''. He's the most trusted member of the King Pin's side and has gone through lots of situation. He helps the King Pin with work and tasks. He complies the orders to the following ''running dogs''.

Original Gangster: One day the member who is in this rank will gain the Shot Caller rank. The O.G has done lots of things for the gang and earned his way up, he can control small parts, but only with permission by their King Pin, otherwise the O.G's often stay in the territory with their Leader(king pin). To just relax or protect him.

Soldier: The B.G is another total psycho, who has gone through lots of shit, he has ran errands since a kid, and has done anything worthy to improve his skills, experience and knowledge. He's totally worth the respect he wants, same as the O.G.

Thug: The Thug has just gone official member, hes worth a official purple bandana of their gang, but he still has to work his way up to the B.G ranking. He's often running around with Players to put them in work.

Player: The Player is yet an outsider, unofficial member of the part in the gang activity, he still has to run couple of errands for the gang, hes sort of disrespected by the gang and is getting treated like a shit, but this includes to the test. When the members see you working your ass of for the gang, and really show yourself as wanting to be official, they will arrange a meeting with the Shot Caller, Original Gangster or the King Pin itself, perhaps you'll get Jumped in ?

Roster Permissions:

King Pin: He has permission to do anything he wish, invite anyone, kick anyone, promote anyone, demote anyone, drive any vehicle he want, use any common weaponry, he arranges anything he wish to.

Shot Caller: The Shot caller has permission to invite and kick anyone he wants, hes not allowed to promote people or demote them, hes allowed to use any weaponry and use any vehicle he wants, he can arrange anything he wants as well.

Original Gangster: This guy is allowed to drive any vehicle he wants, arrange meetings, use any weaponry. Hes not allowed to promote/invite or demote/kick people.

Soldier: This guy is allowed to use any weapons from shotgun and below, nothing else than that. Hes allowed to drive any vehicle he wish.

Thug: The thug is allowed to use Colt47, Desert Eagle, Tec9 and Mac10 as weaponry, drive any vehicle he wants.

Player: This guy is allowed to use Colt47, and any guns below that. Hes not allowed to drive any vehicles as long as it isn't his own bought one.

Promotion system

How to get promoted ?
Well, first of all you need to earn your way up, by completing missions and tasks. Or, having a couple of hood fights and other sort of fights with common rivals. Read below which experience you've earned as a member !


  • Muscles: unlimited.
  • Toughness: unlimited.

  • Loyalty: unlimited.

  • Fear: unlimited.
  • Respect: unlimited.


  • Muscles: unlimited.
  • Toughness: unlimited.

  • Loyalty: unlimited.

  • Fear: 30+.
  • Respect: unlimited.


  • Muscles: 60+.
  • Toughness: 60+.

  • Loyalty: 60+.

  • Fear: 10+.
  • Respect: 60+.


  • Muscles: 30+.
  • Toughness: 30+.

  • Loyalty: 35+.

  • Fear: 5+.
  • Respect: 35+.


  • Muscles: 0+.
  • Toughness: 0+.

  • Loyalty: 0+.

  • Fear: 0-.
  • Respect: 0+.


  • Muscles: 0+.
  • Toughness: 0+.

  • Loyalty: 0+.

  • Fear: 0-.
  • Respect: 0+.


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