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{ Base Five Records } - Introduction. Empty { Base Five Records } - Introduction.

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{ Base Five Records } - Introduction. Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR9YqGJlwPLv59YJhWRANf64x77sb7kkffp9g-uaNOxzDlDFFap


Base Five(5) Records sponsors Playback F.M Radio channel with deep and nice music, the classic and old one. Base Five(5) Records was organized 1972 by Craig Townheight, known as, Ice Thy. Craig was born 1961 In San Fierro General Hospital. His father were a notorious drug dealer who ran the most drug organizations all over San Fierros ghetto holes. But their main mansion drug lab was ruined by a police-raid, Leroy TownHeight, father of Craig, was gunned down by twenty nine bullet patrons by failure of comply, and threaten a officer by the death with a powerful firearm.

Base Five Records organized when the rap was most known in Los Santos, they claim the Company itself as ''Where the Gangster Rap were born''. The Base Five Records is only accepting a few people, as their Company actually belongs to a gang activity, they use the company to express themselves and to represent their gang nation. West Side Ballas and they also accept civilians.

Base Five Records has a special management. The Director who handles almost everything, as the Company belongs to him. The manager who manages new artists around the company and is a helpful hand to the Director during a few times, he often lends the payment to the fellow mates in the Companies register. Administrators, those are for example, private managers for the rappers and artists. They need to have a heavy experience within their work and must be available to collect and send out paycheck, payment to their sponsored people. The Staff-Security is the security of the Company, their goal is to protect the rappers during events and such. Whom to be ? anyone who is available for it. Then we got the basic ones, which are the most necessary ? The rappers of course. Now their goals is to make lots of albums, gather money, fans, respect. Remember we rap about the reality, not about money and ladies.


Management & Roster

Craig Townheight.

Vacant [N/A].





$500. - Manager.
$350. - Administrators.
$250. - Staff Security.
$500. - Rappers / Artists ( Cash Is handed by their administrator(s) ).


Equal equipments:

Rappers should be available to make ten(10)+ discs included by three lyric verses each an album they've made.

Each rappers need to make one album each three weeks, less the better, the better the higher payment.

Each rappers should be experienced with English grammar, and understandable English.

Administrators has to be available to pay their artists whenever they're told to by the manager or director.

Each administrators should be experienced by managing artists, and if they haven't made albums for long, the manager and/or director will blame their administrators by a demotion or even a kick out. The artists may be caused as well.

The security should be well-build muscular and handy with experience. They should know when and how they are going to protect.

The security has to hold and posses a valid driving and weaponry license by the government, in order to hold a equipment weaponry.



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