{ TLMC } Tasks & Missions.

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{ TLMC } Tasks & Missions.

Post by Guest on Sat Feb 16, 2013 9:40 pm

**As you walk toward my office, knocking on the door, you would get a task if you agree on it. As Winston would describe about the tasks and terms**

Alright girl(s), listen up, and you better pay good freaking attention. Just for a easier way for you to improve your experience and loyalty within our clubhouse, I will be giving out a few tasks to you guys.. the ones who pass, will sooner or later getting promoted, the ones who failures will either get demoted or less respect. You NEED to have at least one or even more members with you on each task, as long as you're not told to go alone on one. And if you refuse to listen to this term, believe me, son. You will get punished, hard.

So basically, these and those missions will include brutality, so make sure you're heavy armed with firearms, either A-K's or S.M.G's. Depending on the task. Of course, if you think you're skilled enough feel free go with only a Colt. Oh, by the way, I may suggest ya' something, use Bolt-Action with the AK-47. To hit your targets much easier. Make sure you're under good cover and think unique'.

An' of course, each task will get you rewarded.. if it goes successful complete. If you failure you will only lose, bunch of shit. I cannot perform a exact actual reward price yet, but I promise it wont be below $500. If you do it good, you might even get a tip.

Anyway, back to the main extract point. The missions is freaking serious, so act mature and strict. Make sure your instinct is good, don't screw me over, therefor, don't make me disappointed. Each mission may risk the glue between a brotherhood. Got it ?.. Good.

Those tasks and missions will include the common affairs as:

Prostitution escorting.
The prostitution part is known as, you escorting prostitutes(whores) to their hallicks(pimps). Make sure they got the protection they need, gather $250 each escort, make sure the money comes to the LEADER none else !

Money scamming and laundering.

Scam money from others, make sure you scam at least $500 and hand the money to the Leader none else !
Launder the money, for example, scamming a guy, then make sure you lose the cash on a expansive vehicle or something, then sell the expansive vehicle, and make sure the cash from the vehicle goes to the leader.

Weaponry dealing and weaponry businesses.
Deal weaponry to citizens that are true costumers for the following club. Or either buy more guns to the clubhouse to store in our storage.

Making commits as homicide and murders.
Begin a Hit runner, known as henchmen, kill a suspect of the club, a betrayer or lousy men. After shooting them down, make sure they're actually dead, take a picture of the dead body and bullet hole which is in their head with a camera, get the camera to the leader and show the pictures, maybe you will get paid. (( Press F8, of the dead players body upload it and give the Screen shot to the user DeathByEye in his Private Message on the forums )).

Jacking and making vandalism.

Cause vandalism around the city, make a name of our clubhouse for the reality. Jack people and chop-shop their vehicles, damage and destroy properties which belongs to trouble-makers against us.

Talk through old times and gather allies for our common clubhouse (Not faction allies, but associates and henchmen).
Learn to know people and gather recruit allies, who are willing to work with and for us in our clubhouse, also known as, gather some prospects for the name of club.


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Re: { TLMC } Tasks & Missions.

Post by Guest on Sat Feb 16, 2013 9:46 pm

The great big Alhambra.

Alright, some owner of the Alhambra club/bar bought our protection, to secure their bar during a few events which they've made, it was $1.000 each two hours, yet, the money haven't shown up, I'm getting pissed of lately. Make sure he pays up, avoid killing him, feel free hurt him. Give him a lesson to not misunderstand anymore. Remember do NOT kill him !

Here's some identify of him.

Grab a guy with you, scare him up, beat him up, make sure he pays up sooner or later.


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