Gang Hopping Rules

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Gang Hopping Rules

Post by TheSolution on Thu Feb 14, 2013 2:30 pm

Me and Lil'Devil have spoken, and we decided to put some new rules in that will protect the server from alot of gang-hopping.
We want our server to look clean, we need people that are loyal. We already added alt acc. option, so gang-hopping shouldn't occur.

1. If you join a gang/faction, you have to stay atleast 2 weeks in it. If you leave in less then 2 weeks, you will be temp. banned for 2 days.
2. If your a faction leader, you have to stay for atleast 1 and a half month. If you leave in less then that ammount of time, you will face a temp. ban of 2 days.
3. Before you join a faction, make sure to post on their discussion topic right on the day your joining them, so when you leave we will be able to see how long you've been in it by checking on the date you had posted that your joining.
4. Before leaving a faction, make sure to let an administrator know and he/she has to check the forums first to let the person leave a faction. Otherwise it'll turn into chaos.

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