Rewards for inviting people

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Rewards for inviting people

Post by Guest on Wed Feb 13, 2013 12:23 am

Hello there, its Spliff aka Lil Dizzy the owner/administrator. At these times we get some players its nice and all; 9 players were online today and its the maximum, but we need more, so here's my idea. Remember that the players have to say for atleast a week, we don't need players who come, check and leave in 1 hour.

I will reward the players who invite the people into the server by a special reward

Rewards for inviting 2 Players:
5000$ IG money
A car (gang car)
VIP level 1

Rewards for inviting 5 Players:
10000$ IG money
A car (sport car)
VIP level 2

Rewards for inviting 8 players:
15000$ IG money
A car (Any car your want)
Your own skin
VIP level 2

Rewards for inviting 10 players:
20000$ IG money
Two cars (Any cars possible)
Your own skin
VIP Level 3 (VIP Chat and /fstyles to choose your own fight style)
And 5000$ for all of your invited players

Rewards for inviting 12 players:
Three cars (Any cars possible)
Two own skins
VIP Level 3 (VIP chat and /fstyles to choose your own fight style)
A free leadership position without applying(Can only be used once)

Hope some of you will invite ppl soon, see you! Smile

These rewards will be stopped within a month.

EDIT: The players need to stay 7 days in the server for get the reward!

Best regards, LilDizzy LSWL-RP head of management team.


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