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Leadership Request. Empty Leadership Request.

Post by Andrew2012 on Mon Feb 11, 2013 3:39 pm

Leadership Request. Lsvbanner2

Los Santos Vagos are a hispanic gang located in the regions of East Beach, Las Flores and Las Colinas, they're predominant making war with the another group of mexicans, Varios Los Aztecas, Los Santos Vagos still trying to kick the Aztecas out of the map, but currently the Vagos do not have enough power to do it, therefore they need divide the Los Santos Territory with their worst enemies, If you want to be a part of them, you should proof your attitude between your enemies, by your actions you'll earn your rag, first of all, you must love your Barrio', if you see a wall empty, take a Yellow spray-can and tag it up, show you've potential and talent, walk to Las Colinas or Las Flores store and buy a beer, grab a bat in the store, jump on the roofs and watch your hood, do not let your enemies enter in your territory never, chill around your Barrio', don't need to be afraid if the leader see you drinking or smoking, feel the hood like a home, don't snitch any thing to another group, be careful, if the leader see you doing it, you'll say your last word, always show your holmes love, if you love your holmes, you love yourself, show respect for the leader and high ranked members, if you respect them, you'll exceed one step to get in the Gang, keep working hard around the hood, never leave it alone, you've responsabilities if you want to be a part of us, you gonna be probably tested, don't be afraid if you be aimed up your neck with a Knife, if you're bored because you still not in the gang, don't leave the faction, all of the new members actually will be accepted at least 1 day if you RP hard, if you're going to try to join Vagos, you should currently make a character with at least 18 years old, And RP your Way In The Gang.

Leadership Request. Lsvbanner2

Los Santos Vagos Rules

1. Show some respect towards higher ranked members,try to cover and defend them cause they are actually superior of your neighbourhood.
2.Always try hard to be with your amigo,so you can be not anxious about his life
3.Never disgrace/insult your family members,treat them as you treat with your young brothers.
4.Never handshake with unknown person or cop cause this will only gives you a pain.
5.Use to speak more mexican slang during a rp situation,to handle it in a better way.
6.Once you see a unknown person in your hood , ask him for leave atleast two times if he refuses,show him "What Vagos Are"
7.Walk/raom around your territories,to protect and defend them from cops and other rubbish things
8.Always keep your weapons in your hand in order to attack/defend yourself
9.Show some superior attitude to your leader and that he feels statisfaction from your skills.
10.Try to be a respect traditional values such as honesty , loyalty , devotion etc

Note: If You Joined The Gang You Must Stay At Least One Week Before Leaving.
Note: All The Gang Members Should Donate Daily to The Gang, With At Least 1000$ a Day.

Leadership Request. Lsvbanner2

Mexican Slangs Must Be Used While Talking With Others

Que Pasa - Whats Up
Que Onda - Whats Up
Como te va? - How's it going/How are you
Payaso - Clown
Cabron - Bastard/Fucker
Chica - Girl
Chico - Boy
Tu puta madre - Your mother's a bitch
Al Rato/Hasta Luego - Later
Cierra La Boca - Shut you mouth
Callate! - Shut up!
Cierra la Pinche Boca - Shut the fuck up
Loco - Crazy
Cocaina - Cocaine
Droga(s) - Drug(s)
Hijo de Puta - Motherfucker
Patron/Jefe - Boss/Leader
Muchacho - Boy/Man
Barrio - Hood
Carrera - Car Race
Mota/Yesca/Hierba - Marijuana
Bola/Baro/Lana - Dollar/Coin/Money
Nada - Nothing
Chale - Damn, ese/Used to show shame or disappointment in someone or something.
Vamos - Lets Go
Bomba/Ranfla - Old School Lowrider/Lowrider
Caile - Come Here
Mayate/Negro - Black man/Dark Skined
Gabacho/Gringo - White Boy/Born in the U.S.A.
Cerveza/Cheve - Beer
Cuete/Pieza - Gun
Jura/Chota - Police
Cobarde - Coward
No Manches - Damn, really?/Oh, damn./What you said is stupid
Ojete - Asshole
Orale - Ok, cool
Placa - Tattoo/Police Badge/Graffiti Tag/License Plate
Rola - Song
Chido - Cool
Perro/Perra - Bitch
Rifamos - We Rule
Hola - Hello

Leadership Request. Lsvbanner2

Los Santos Vagos Relations



The Grove Street Families

West Side Ballas

Varrios Los Aztecas


Los Santos Police Department

Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums

Federal Bureau of Investigations

Leadership Request. Lsvbanner2

King Vago
This is the orgs leader, you don't want to mess with this guy, if you even try to insult him, your dead.


Prince Vago
This is the Co-Leader of the gang,Respect him, He runs the gang when the King Vago is offline

Triple OG
This is a Loyal member and has helped the Vagos for Years, Never Disrespect him, He's like the King's Vagos' Son.

Double OG
This is a Loyal member and has been in Vagos for a quite long time, Listen to him and respect him.

These are the members who have been in Vagos for a very long time, But have put in many work so respect them.

Baby Gangsters
They have been in The Los Santos Vagos for a few months, and we show them respect.

New Bloods
This is a low ranking member who just Passed their Test and are accepted into Vagos, They don't give Orders.

Hood Rats
These are the lowest rank in Vagos, they don't give orders and are not to be trusted.


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Leadership Request. Empty Re: Leadership Request.

Post by TheSolution on Mon Feb 11, 2013 3:41 pm

Moved to correct section. Do not post this in Los Santos Vagos section.
Topic looks nice and it's overall.
Use this format, please:

[color=orange][b][u]In Character Questions:[/u][/b][/color]

Character name:
Character's Appearance:
Tell something you know of this gang:

[b][color=orange][u]Out Of Character Questions:[/u][/color][/b]

What is your current in-game nickname:
Timezone + Country you currently live in:
Did you read the leadership application rules and do you agree with them:
Why do you want to lead this faction:
How many members have you got so far that are joining you in your application:
Explain what PG means and give one good example:
Explain what MG means and give one good example:
Give one reason what the command /me is used for and give one good example:
Give two reasons what the command /do is used for:

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Leadership Request. Empty Re: Leadership Request.

Post by Jetty on Mon Feb 11, 2013 3:41 pm

Something makes me think this application is stolen from Gundus... But whatever.

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Leadership Request. Empty Re: Leadership Request.

Post by Guest on Mon Feb 11, 2013 4:59 pm

Hoodrats means this: Its a female in the hood/territory who treat the gangsters with sex. This is not a troll joke its completely true also known as the hoods whore/hoe.

I think most of this is a copy, but it looks decent, just put the formation of application, fill the application and I will then give a vote, for now, Neutral.


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Leadership Request. Empty Re: Leadership Request.

Post by Gundus on Mon Feb 11, 2013 8:17 pm

Use the correct format and make a normal application, all you have written here can be added UNDER the format of the application. L&A.

Leadership Request. Gundus
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Leadership Request. Empty Re: Leadership Request.

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